Thielert Is Now Centurion Engines?Investors Still Sought

Part of the strategy seems to be to change the name on the door while still looking for someone who will pay the rent. Thielert Aircraft Engines GmbH is now officially renamed Centurion Aircraft Engines AG & Co. KG. Insolvency administrator Bruno Kubler made the announcement last week, saying, "Centurion can quickly establish itself on the market without the burden of the insolvency stigma." Still, the new Chairman of the Board for Centurion is Jasper Wolffson, former sales director under the Thielert regime. So he must bring some of the stigma baggage along with him to Centurion. The new company's stated intentions are clearly customer-centric; with a new two-year warranty for all newly-manufactured engines-whether bought as retrofits or as fitted on factory-new aircraft. Further, Centurion pledges to offer a coupon for a free transmission/clutch replacement at 300 hours; for a total of 600 hours coverage for that component. Taking square aim at the competing Diamond-built AE 300 diesel engine, Wolffson said, "With permits and various STCs for our Centurion engines 1.7, 2.0 and the Centurion 4.0; and as an independent engine manufacturer we are able to supply a broad range of customers both in the retrofit and in the OEM business." Centurion Engines maintains that the AE 300 is "only suited as a drive for the DA 42 NG [which used to be powered by Thielert engines]." The statement goes on to point out that more than 2,000 Thielert engines have completed more than 1.5 million flying hours in Cessna, Diamond, Piper and Robin aircraft.