TFRs in Place for Pope's U.S. Visit

FAA issues flight restrictions and "no drone zones" for Papal visit.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Pope Francis
(Photo: Tânia Rêgo/ABr via Creative Commons)

The FAA has issued flight advisories detailing temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) in the vicinities of New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C., to enable Pope Francis' scheduled visits to each region.

From September 22-27, all three cities will be "no drone zones," and additional flight restrictions will apply to each throughout the papal visit. The FAA advises that future notams will further outline TFRs as the Pope visits each region.

Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Washington D.C. today through Thursday, where he will meet with President Obama and speak to a joint session of Congress, before heading to New York on Friday to attend the 70th United Nations General Assembly, as well as a multi-religious ceremony at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum of the World Trade Center. Over the weekend, the Pope will travel to Philadelphia to lead Mass at the Cathedral Basilica and visit Independence Hall.

According to an advisory from the FAA, TFRs will be in place through October 5, in connection with the 70th United Nations General Assembly.

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