Start Pac Introduces Portable Aircraft Power Supply

Unit makes operation away from home easier.

Start Pac 53300

Start Pac 53300

** Start Pac Model 53300**

Start Pac, the maker of portable aircraft starting units and ground power carts, has introduced its latest product, the Start Pac Model 53300, a 300-amp power supply that the company says is perfect for toting into the field.

Designed for use during maintenance and to power up various aircraft systems such as inverters, avionics and air conditioning, the unit was created for ease of operation away from home base.

“Existing products can be very heavy and cumbersome, which in this line of work, where fast reaction and agility are crucial, is a significant disadvantage,” said Mark Marar, vice president of engineering for Start Pac.

Appropriate for use in aircraft up to the size of large business jets, the Start Pac 53300 is a 28.5 volt continuous DC power supply when plugged into 220 Volt single-phase AC power. The unit will deliver full 300 amp DC output, but it will not provide enough current for engine starting, the maker noted. The Model 53300 tips the scales at 40 pounds.