Special Edition: Mustang High Sierra

For the first time since it began building bizjets 40 years ago, Cessna is introducing a special edition Citation.


The Citation Mustang High Sierra edition incorporates several desirable upgrades along with some limited edition aesthetic touches to create a Mustang that will stand apart. The exterior paint is a striking two-tone scheme with mountain silhouettes on the nacelles and a special edition logo near the entry door. Inside, Cessna designers have given Mustang customers a choice of three distinctive interiors, each with premium leather seats and upgraded, handmade carpet. The High Sierra Edition also comes standard with Synthetic Vision Technology, ChartView electronic charts and locking fuel caps. The package also gives the owner an automatic two-year enrollment in Cessna's ProParts and ProTech maintenance programs.

Cost of the High Sierra upgrade is $75,000 on top of the $3 million price of the Mustang. For more information on the High Sierra, visit cessna.com.