'Second Chance' STC for 155-hp Centurion Engine

Centurion, the German company controlling the former Thielert diesel aircraft engine design, announced it has received a supplemental type certificate for its Centurion 2.0s on the Cessna 172F. The 2.0s is an upgraded version of the original 2.0 — the new version has 20 more horsepower. Issued on May 21, the approval was granted by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Centurion describes its corporate status as "the subsequent sales company to the insolvent Thielert Aircraft Engines GmbH." Centurion reports that a series of demo flights at clubs and fly-ins have met with "positive response." The EASA approval covers Cessna 172 models F through S. The company is currently working on further STCs for the Robin DR400 Ecoflyer and the Diamond DA40TDI. Before lapsing into its current insolvency, Thielert supplied engines for Diamond's twin-engine DA42. Diamond has since re-engined the twin with a choice of gas-burning Lycomings or Diamond's in-house Austro diesel.