RAF Rallies Pilots to Fight Threat to Colorado Airstrips

Organization launches letter-writing campaign in response to new land management plans.



The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) is calling on pilots throughout the country to help save Colorado airstrips after the discovery of land management plans that might threaten GA’s continued presence in the area.

The move was prompted by RAF supporter Hap Pool, who recently came across a draft plan notice for the Colorado River Valley released by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The plan contained no mention of the airstrips in the area, and when Hap raised the issue to BLM staff, they said they “had no idea that recreational aviation even existed,” according to the RAF.

The RAF has since launched a letter campaign to try and ensure GA’s participation in the planning process going forward, and the organization is encouraging pilots across the country to weigh in on the importance of preserving the region’s beloved airstrips.

The last day to submit comments on the plan is January 17, 2012. RAF letter writing guidelines and suggestions can be viewed here.