Premier II Makes Debut at EBACE

Upgraded Williams FJ44-3AP turbofans and elliptical winglets give the Hawker Beechcraft Premier II jet improved performance, longer range and upgraded payload capability. With a 23 percent increase in thrust over their predecessors, the new engines provide 3,000 pounds of thrust each, increasing climb capability (14 minutes to FL 370) and extending the Premier II's service ceiling to 45,000 feet. Maximum takeoff weight is now 13,800 pounds for a 900-pound payload with full fuel. HBC says the Premier II can fly 1,500 nautical miles with a pilot (the jet is certified for single-pilot operations) and four passengers. FAA certification is scheduled for the second quarter of 2010, with EASA approval planned for the fourth quarter of that year. Hawker Beechcraft has announced it holds firm orders for 40 Premier IIs and has cited at least 30 possible further orders.