Pilatus Rolls Out PC-12NG Cockpit Improvements

Pilatus PC-12's Honeywell Apex Cockpit Gets Upgrades

Honeywell Primus Apex cockpit in

Pilatus this month is introducing a series of long-awaited improvements to the Honeywell Primus Apex cockpit in the Pilatus PC-12 NG turboprop single. Known internally as Apex Build 7, the software enhancements refine the operation of the cockpit's cursor-control devices and add capabilities for display of enhanced-vision and video; coupled Vnav operations, vertical profile display; improved charts and maps; additional airspace layers; and the ability to add a second flight management system. The Build 7 software load also fixes a number of known squawks in the Apex cockpit, which Pilatus introduced in the PC-12NG in 2008. Honeywell and Pilatus are jointly developing a SmartView synthetic-vision system upgrade for the model based on SVS technology first certified in Honeywell's Primus Epic cockpit for large business jets. There was no word on when that upgrade would be introduced. Meanwhile, Pilatus has completed the upload of Build 7 software in a PC-12NG demonstrator and says it will begin offering the upgrade to customers by the middle of this month.