Pia Bergqvist Joins Flying

On the heels of our announcement last week of new senior editor Stephen Pope, we're delighted to welcome a second new senior editor, Pia Bergqvist.

Many of you doubtless know Pia already. She comes to Flying with an impressive arsenal of skills earned through years working as an aviation writer, flight instructor, and aircraft salesperson. Pia studied at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, where she earned a BS in Professional Aeronatuics. She went on to earn commercial, multi-engine, CFI, CFII and MEI tickets and to build experience giving flight instruction, a process she says never felt like work to her at all. Pia later went on to become senior editor at Plane & Pilot and Pilot Journal magazines. Later, she worked for Cessna in media relations and communications and, until recently, as a product specialist in the Cessna Corvalis. She has nearly 3,000 hours of total time and has flown nearly 40 different models of airplane.

Like all of us at Flying Pia will write about just about every imaginable kind of aviation endeavor. But look for her to focus on flight training, the lighter side of personal aviation and West Coast flying—she lives in Southern California and flies out of Santa Moncia Airport.

Welcome, Pia!