Perspective by Garmin Suite Is a "Cirrusized" G1000


Cirrus announced on Tuesday it will offer a new Garmin avionics option package-dubbed "Cirrus Perspective"-for SR22 buyers. Perspective incorporates 12-inch screens, 35 percent larger than those on existing G1000 systems, and the ideal canvas for Garmin's recently announced Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT). Cirrus also simplified data input with its GCU 478 alphanumeric keypad replacing the dual, center-mounted Garmin 430s in Avidyne Entegra-equipped Cirrus models. An all-new feature is the blue 'level' button on the center panel that prompts the autopilot to fly the airplane on current heading and altitude-not billed as an upset recovery system, but with the suggestion that it could be used that way. With a premium of $48,000 over Entegra-equipped SR22s (and not available on SR20s), the Perspective package also incorporates dual AHRS, dual air-data computers and an upgraded 70-amp backup alternator.