Parade of Pistons Steps Out in California

One-stop shopping for light airplanes!


_ Flying_ magazine is the title sponsor of a series of events to be held around the United States this year that showcase piston-powered airplanes. The first Parade of Pistons show will be held at the Hawthorne Municipal Airport in Southern California on March 27-29.

The Parade of Pistons concept is to gather as many new piston airplanes and experts on finance, tax benefits and insurance as possible at the same spot, so pilots can have a chance for one-stop shopping. All major piston airplane manufacturers plan to exhibit at Hawthorne along with several light-sport aircraft makers. Demo flights will be available, and used airplane brokers will be on hand to advise on selling an airplane you may already own.

The other three Parade of Piston events are scheduled for May 15-17 in Dallas; July 17-19 in Denver; and September 25-27 in Asheville, North Carolina. For more information see