Parachute Jumping from a Gulfstream?

Las Vegas firm completes STC.

Gulfstream GV Skydiving

Gulfstream GV Skydiving

** A skydiver emerges from a Gulfstream GV.**

Of all the jump planes used for sport parachuting, a Gulfstream GV is probably not the first to come to mind. But the Drake Group, an engineering firm based in Las Vegas, has completed a Supplemental Type Certificate to do just that. The approval covers single and tandem jumping, as well as cargo parachutes for delivery of medical and emergency survival equipment.

The certificate covers GVs and G550s, and the Drake Group says it requires no physical changes to the aircraft, only a paperwork process that takes about one day. Parachutists exit from the aft baggage area under the left engine nacelle through the open baggage door, which does not need to be removed.

The Drake Group is an engineering services provider based in Las Vegas. The company provides management of client STCs and industry support. It also supplies planning assistance for proposals and project planning and conducts training seminars for type certificates, supplemental type certificates, parts manufacturing authority (PMA) and technical service orders (TSOs).

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