Newly Announced Tecnams Sell Well at AERO

Contracts have been signed for 42 airplanes at show.

Tecnam P Twenty-Ten

Tecnam P Twenty-Ten

(Tecnam P Twenty-Ten)

After the launch of three new airplanes, Phil Solomon, CEO at Tecnam North America, described last week's AERO Friedrichshafen as "incredibly successful," with a total of 42 airplanes sold during the four-day event. The three airplanes announced were the 11-seat P2012, four-seat PTwenty Ten and a new version of the popular P92 Eaglet, all designed by Italian Professor Luigi Pascale.

The most popular airplane at Tecnam's booth was the newly announced, four-seat PTwenty Ten, of which a remarkable 30 airplanes were sold. Traditionally an LSA manufacturer, Tecnam has recently focused its effort on the certified market with the announcements of the PTwenty Ten and P2012 Traveller. Solomon told Flying that both airplanes will undergo FAA Part 23 and EASA CS-23 certification concurrently.

The four-seat PTwenty Ten features an all carbon fiber fuselage, metal wings and rudder, and a 180-horsepower Lycoming IO-360-M1a “Lycoming Light” engine. The fuel capacity for the airplane is 55.5 gallons and Tecnam claims the PTwenty Ten will cruise at 133 knots with a range of 545 nautical miles at 75 percent power. Solomon said certification of the Twenty Ten is targeted for the end of 2012, with deliveries slated to begin in 2013.

And while Tecnam developed the twin Rotax powered P2006T a few years ago, its new P2012 Traveller is an even greater departure from the company’s large offering of light, single-engine airplanes. This 11-seat, high-wing twin is equipped with two Lycoming TEO-540-A1A engines, rated at 350-horsepower, which can run on either auto fuel or 100LL. According to Solomon, the expected fuel burn is less than 30 gallons per hour for both engines, with a projected cruise speed of 170 knots at 6,000 feet. Top speed, meanwhile, is targeted at 215 knots. Certification for the Traveller is expected at the end of 2014, with deliveries beginning in 2015.

The third airplane announced at the show was the P92 Eaglet G5-LY. The name designation signifies this is the fifth generation of the Eaglet, equipped with a Lycoming engine.