'New' Pakistani Drone Eerily Similar to Rutan Long-EZ

Military officials praise "indigenous" technology.

Burraq UAV

Burraq UAV

Buraq UCAVs (Photo: ISPR)

Earlier this month Pakistani military leaders released statements commending engineers for developing an "indigenous" drone that's strikingly reminiscent of the popular Long-EZ homebuilt designed by Burt Rutan in the 1970s.

Officials say the UAV, called the Burraq, fired a laser-guided missile during testing a few weeks ago, constituting a first for the Middle Eastern country.

Major General Asim Bajwa took to Twitter on March 13 to offer praise from the Chief of the Army Staff, saying he "commends engrs, scientists for untiring efforts to acquire state of art tech, put Pak in different league."

Several sets of plans of the Long-EZ were sold to Pakistanis, and at least one was built and flown. While officials have yet to announce the history behind the design of the Burraq, take a look at the plane and judge for yourself.

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