New Fractional Concept

PlaneSmart enters the turbine world, offering shared ownership of the Eclipse 500, with more platforms to follow.


PlaneSmart, the Texas-based shared ownership company that manages a growing fleet of brand-new Cirrus SR22 turbocharged singles, is expanding its operation in an interesting way, offering managed shares in existing turbine airplanes. Under the plan, PlaneSmart works with existing owners to offer their late-model airplane-Socata TBMs, Pilatus PC12s and Piper Meridians are excellent prospects-under PlaneSmart's proven shared ownership program. Under the plan, PlaneSmart manages the airplane, doing all the scheduling, keeping it ready to fly and even helping shared owners who aren't pilots find a qualified pilot to fly them around. Obviously, costs will depend on the airplane chosen, its age and cost of operation.

As a first step in the program, Plane-Smart recently added an Eclipse 500 to its lineup. Based at Addison (KADS), the 500 is available in quarter-share increments.

For more information, visit or call 888/2-Aviate.