Mooney Acclaim Now Fastest Piston

The fastest Mooney is now significantly faster. In early October the company announced that it was working on an aerodynamically enhanced version of its 280 hp turbocharged Acclaim piston single. The new model, dubbed the Acclaim Type S, will hit 242 knots at its ceiling of 25,000 feet, claims Mooney, making it the undisputed speed king, and Mooney says that flight tests have shown that the airplane can maintain 220 knots at 16,000 feet. Mooney is keeping mum on the specifics of most of the mods, though it does give credit to Hartzell for its work on the new three-blade prop for the model. Mooney says that all new Acclaims will incorporate the Type S mods and will offer to retrofit existing Acclaims. The airplane, which will sell for $599,500, was recently delivered to the first customer. For more information, visit