Model Injured in Propeller Accident Makes First Appearance

After sustaining serious injuries, Lauren Scruggs continues in recovery process.

The 23-year-old model who was severely injured during a propeller accident near Dallas last month has made her first public appearance since the accident.

In the company of her mother, who has been blogging about her daughter’s recovery process on, Lauren Scruggs ventured out to Whole Foods, where she was approached by a number of strangers wishing her well in the days and months to come.

Scruggs has been undergoing intensive rehabilitation since early December, when she accidentally walked into the moving prop of an Aviat Husky after returning from a night flight in the aircraft. The model and fashion blogger lost her left hand and her left eye in the accident, and also sustained serious shoulder and head injuries.

While the FAA is currently investigating the accident, Scruggs’ parents believe it occurred when Lauren was walking up to thank the pilot, who was a family friend, for the flight. Some reports also suggest the pilot may have been in the process of switching passengers at the time.