Manchester United Airplane Involved in Close Call

Airbus A321 aborts landing at low altitude.

Manchester United Badge

Manchester United Badge

Photo by Matthew Bloomfield/Flickr

An Airbus A321 carrying the Manchester United soccer team was forced to abort a landing attempt this week at Konrad Adenauer Airport in Cologne, Germany, at 1,300 feet after the crew spotted another airplane on the runway.

The incident occurred on Tuesday evening as the team traveled to the city in anticipation of today's match-up with Leverkusen.

Upon spotting the other airplane, the crew of the A321 went around and performed an uneventful landing about 10 minutes later. The captain explained the incident to the passengers, a few of whom later spoke out about the "very frightening" experience, over the intercom.

The episode comes one day after the death of Manchester United legend Bill Foulkes, who survived the Munich air disaster of 1958 that killed eight players from the team and 15 others when an Airspeed Ambassador 2 crashed on takeoff.

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