Lycoming's iE2 Single-Lever System Shown at Oshkosh

Lycoming flew a Lancair Evolution to Oshkosh, powered by its new TEO-540-EXP iE2 engine. Advantages of the 350-hp engine include single-lever operation, automated preflight safety checks, automotive start simplicity and reduced pilot workload. The iE2 system also allows use of alternative fuels and promises increased fuel efficiency and reliability. The iE2 system was announced at EAA AirVenture 2008 and has been available to original equipment manufacturers for demonstration flights since 2007. Baseline testing for the iE2 system has now been completed and first OEM installations are being calibrated. The certification program is well under way, according to Ian Walsh, senior vice president and general manager. After its appearance at Oshkosh, the airplane will be flown to Lycoming headquarters in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, for further flight testing and calibration.