Lycoming Launches Three Engines

As previously announced, Lycoming will proceed with development of its TIO-360-EXP Thunderbolt engine, designed to operate at 180 horsepower on unleaded fuel. The turbonormalized, intercooled fuel-injected engine is noncertified and is currently approved for use with ASTM D910 100LL fuel. Future approvals are expected for use with EN228 and ASTM D4814 automotive-based fuels with supplemental Lycoming specifications for safe operation in aviation applications, pending further evaluation. Lycoming also announced the launch of its 100 hp to 116 hp IO-233-LSA engine aimed at the light sport market. Design features include throttle body fuel injection with an optimized air induction system and electronic spark ignition. Finally, Lycoming announced plans to certify its IO-390-A1A6 engine by November of this year. The engine is targeted at 210 hp at 2700 rpm and is a response to Lycoming customers' requests for a more powerful version of the IO-360 series.