LoPresti Introduces “NeverFlat” Aviation Tire

Secret to tire’s sturdiness is carbon-fiber reinforcement.

Lopresti NeverFlat Tire
Lopresti NeverFlat Tire

LoPresti Aviation Engineering recently unveiled what they've named the "NeverFlat Lifesaver" aircraft tire, an unpressurized system protected by an embedded carbon-fiber band.

The tire was announced at the recent annual Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association convention and is specifically made for Cirrus SR20 and Cirrus SR22 aircraft.

According to LoPresti CEO RJ Siegel, the tire provides improved performance in all measurable areas, including wear, traction and rolling resistance.

“It’s just about impossible to puncture this tire and even if you could it still wouldn’t go flat,” he said in a recent company press release. "We are so confident in the NeverFlat tires, we are offering them with a ten-year warranty against a flat."

The tire is in the final design stages and should be available by the end of the year, the company said. While the initial model will be issued in the 600 x 6 size used by Cirrus, LoPresti plans to come out with tires for other models in the future.