Living Legends Honors Mark Van Tine

Jeppesen’s president and CEO recognized as “Aviation Industry Leader of the Year.”

Jeppesen CEO and president Mark Van Tine

Jeppesen CEO and president Mark Van Tine

Jeppesen’s CEO and president Mark Van Tine

At the Living Legends of Aviation gala in Beverly Hills, California, this weekend, Jeppesen's CEO and president Mark Van Tine was honored as the "Aviation Industry Leader of the Year." A gathering of aviation entrepreneurs, innovators, record breakers, industry leaders, astronauts and celebrity pilots watched as Van Tine received the award in recognition of his leadership and dedication to the industry during his 30-year career with Jeppesen.

GAMA's president and CEO Pete Bunce presented Van Tine with the award. "With a clear vision for the potential of tablet technology in the cockpit, Mark Van Tine set his sights on revolutionizing the way pilots plan and manage their flights," he said, recognizing Van Tine's commitment to keeping up with technology. As the iPad and other electronic devices became more commonly used in the cockpit, Jeppesen's aviation applications have quickly transitioned to a digital format under Van Tine's leadership.

There is no longer a need to carry heavy loads or spend hours of tedious work updating paper charts. Instead, we pilots can carry a light electronic device containing all the same information and a lot more. And we can plug in and download updates while taking a coffee break. Thank you, Mark Van Tine, for your contribution to making this happen. The environment thanks you, too.