Law Change Boosts Recreational Flying in Arkansas

Limits liability for private airstrip owners.

Arkansas strip

Arkansas strip

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) have succeeded in their effort to potentially provide greater access to recreational airstrips in Arkansas by amending the Recreational Use Statute in the state.

The amendment adds the word “aviation” along with a list of other recreational activities in the state’s Recreational Use Statute for which landowners are protected from liability. This limited liability makes landowners more likely to allow recreational activities on their properties.

The legislative change was presented in the 89th General Assembly of Arkansas’ House Bill 1020, which easily passed both state houses. The sole purpose of HB 1020 was “to extend the limitation of liability for permitting the recreational use of land to a landowner who permits the free use of the landowner’s property for flying and landing aircraft.”

“This amendment will encourage the 200 owners of Arkansas’ private airstrips to more readily allow aviation activity on their airstrips, encouraging more people to enjoy all the recreational and tourism activities that Arkansas has to offer,” said David Myrick, the RAF’s Arkansas liaison who spearheaded the effort with Yasmina Platt from AOPA.