Las Vegas Class B Airspace Modified

Five new segments added around the Las Vegas airspace.

Las Vegas Class B

Las Vegas Class B

Pilots flying in the Las Vegas area will have to update their charts as new Class B airspace surrounding the city goes into effect today. The FAA made modifications to the airspace to “ensure the containment of large turbine-powered aircraft within Class B airspace, reduce air traffic controller workload, and reduce the potential for midair collision.”

Several modifications were made to the airspace both laterally and vertically. The ceiling was raised from 9,000 feet to 10,000 feet and modifications were made to the floors of several sections. The airspace was increased laterally, with five additional segments added for a total of 20. Most of the new sections extend east and south of the city.

While Las Vegas controllers in many cases allow for VFR services through their Class B airspace, there are times when workload prevents them from doing so. To avoid the airspace, pilots flying in higher terrain south and east may have to delay their climb or descend earlier than what they have become accustomed to. Also, an area known as the “Henderson Practice Area” is now restricted at 7,000 feet – a drop from 8,000 feet. Other modifications to the Class B shelves provide more space for VFR pilots. For example, an area over Henderson Executive Airport provides more space for pattern operations at the airport.

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