L-3 Sues Cirrus Over Cancellation of SmartDeck Orders

A few months after Cirrus announced it had chosen Garmin to provide avionics for production versions of its developmental Vision light jet, L-3 Avionics Systems' legal department has reacted. L-3 had been on board with Cirrus as the avionics provider in the early stages of the Vision single-engine-jet project with L-3's SmartDeck integrated suite. According to reports, L-3 maintains Cirrus had also signed an agreement to install as many as 350 SmartDecks in production SR22 piston aircraft. In a suit filed June 15, L-3 is seeking payment from Cirrus totaling $21.7 million; $18.7 million in development costs related to the SmartDeck and $3 million for other products. Cirrus claims it owes L-3 only $3.5 million, the agreed purchase price for 75 SmartDeck systems Cirrus had ordered for Cirrus SR22 piston-powered aircraft, but cancelled due to a sales slowdown late last year. In the end, Cirrus chose to pursue the Garmin G1000-based Perspective instead of L-3's SmartDeck for the piston line. In March, Cirrus announced it had chosen Garmin to provide the avionics for production versions of the Vision jet. The court case will test the validity of the various agreements along the way. Cirrus has until July 7 to respond to the L-3 suit.