Kitty Cat Grounds Air Canada Flight

Tabby breaches secure cockpit, pilots powerless.

Cat on Air Canada

Cat on Air Canada

It is not known if Canadian security officials are working behind the scenes to improve their intelligence in the kitty cat community, but they might want to after the second feline-related security incident at Canada’s Halifax International Airport.

In the latest breach, reported by the Edmonton Journal among other news outlets, a cat that reportedly goes by the code name "Ripples" gained access to the cockpit of an Air Canada jet during passenger loading by escaping from its carrying case, entering the open door of the cockpit and hiding away behind an avionics bay, which was previously thought to be inaccessible.

Not knowing the cat’s intentions or background, the airline deboarded the jet so security could apprehend the cat, a process that took more than four hours and required maintenance crews to remove panels to apprehend the feline. The airplane finally took off on its flight to Toronto, somewhat inexplicably with Ripples onboard.

It wasn’t the first cat-related security breach at Halifax International. Last year another cat escaped from an Air Canada flight and wandered the airport for months, the Journal reported, before finally being captured by airport personnel and returned to its owners. At last report, no charges have been filed against either cat.