Jeppesen Apps Never Subject to Apple Glitch

Jeppesen apps stand outside the reach of the Apple cleaner.

When we reported that the glitch in Apple’s recent iOS update (version 5) had the potential to delete data files and even whole applications, both aviation and others, it turned out we were wrong on at least one count.

Jeppesen, in a customer advisory on its web site, made it clear that its app program files and its data files are "in a directory structure that is outside reach of the Apple cleaner." Jeppesen director and chief strategist Rick Ellerbrock reiterated this in an email to Flying, saying, that while the app had a couple of manageable bugs that arose from iOS 5, Jepp's developers were in the process of issuing an update to fix them and hopes the update is available soon. The more serious data deletion problem that other developers faced, Ellerbrock stressed, was never an issue for either of Jeppesen's navigation and charting apps, Mobile TC or Mobile Flight Deck.

The whole issue will soon be moot for providers elsewhere. Apple has issued an update to the iOS, version 5.0.1, to developers. Those developers will need to update their products to take advantage of the upgrade, but once they do, their apps and data should be safe from the glitch.

Look for a review of Jeppesen's Mobile Flight Deck app in a coming issue of Flying.