Hawker 4000 Receives Full Certification


The super-midsize Hawker 4000 business jet received final FAA certification earlier this summer and the company began deliveries. The airplane has a carbon fiber fuselage with 6-foot headroom and a flat floor and is, in most respects, the most advanced midsize jet in service. The rudder, steering and brakes all are fly-by-wire controlled, and the Honeywell Epic avionics system rivals the largest business jets in capability; a full authority autothrottle system is standard.

The Hawker 4000 was initially named the Horizon and the program has been delayed by several years due to design and certification changes. However, the airplane meets its initial design goals with a top cruise speed of Mach .84 (482 kts) and a very high climb rate that takes just 20 minutes to reach 41,000 feet after a maximum weight takeoff. IFR range is 3,200 nm, and takeoff runway at maximum weight is 5,200 feet. Full fuel payload for a typical airplane is about 1,600 pounds.

The 4000 has dual inertial reference systems, which is unusual in a midsize jet; it also has dual air cycle machines to control cabin temperature level and a hydraulic motor-driven backup generator to supply power in the event both normal engine generators were to fail. It is powered by Pratt & Whitney PW308A turbofan engines rated 6,900 pounds of thrust. The engines have a high degree of reserve power so that they can produce rated takeoff thrust on a very hot day with air temperature at 37° C. That extra power -- along with a very advanced wing design -- allows the 4000 to takeoff in 8,000 feet even on a hot day in Denver.

Hawker Beechcraft has more than 130 orders for the 4000.