Grob's All-Composite SPn Twinjet Again in Jeopardy


German manufacturer Grob Aerospace has declared insolvency, placing the future of its all-composite SPn light jet in question. Company CEO Niall Olver cited delays in the certification program as creating increased funding requirements, which current financial backers are unwilling to support. Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based Alpha Flying Service, with its PlaneSense fractional program (which currently operates Pilatus PC-12 turboprops) is standing behind its order for 25 SPns. Olver remains optimistic, noting that the fourth test prototype aircraft flew for the first time earlier this month. Almost two years ago, the second test aircraft crashed on takeoff, killing the pilot.

Last week, we incorrectly stated the current financial status of Grob Aerospace. The company is in insolvency. Flying regrets the error.