GPS Battle Against LightSquared Continues

Advocacy group files comments with FCC.

GPS Satellite

GPS Satellite

The fight between the Coalition to Save Our GPS and LightSquared continues. Last week, the Coalition responded to the Federal Communications Commission's request for comments regarding LightSquared's request to modify the ancillary terrestrial communications (ATC) authorization of its mobile satellite services (MSS), which would allow the company to launch its broadband network. The 21-page document from the Coalition included several suggestions to prevent GPS interference for the FCC to consider as it studies LightSquared's latest filing.

While the document states that the Coalition supports an increase in wireless services, it cautioned the FCC to “address any unresolved issues regarding interference to GPS” before allowing LightSquared to go ahead with its launch. Some of the suggestions included a request that LightSquared “should be required to relinquish authority” over certain frequencies. Instead, use of new lower frequency bands were recommended, which would maintain the “historically ‘quiet neighborhood’ adjacent to GPS”.

The Coalition to Save Our GPS was formed in March, 2011 specifically to** fight the LightSquared launch** and includes a long list of organizations and companies, many of which are members of the aviation community, both airline and general aviation.