Good News from Continental on TBOs

Intervals extended by up to 400 hours on Gold Standard engines.

Continental 500 Series engine

Continental 500 Series engine

Operators of Continental Gold Standard engines built or factory overhauled after February 2012 have an extra 200 hours of recommended time between overhauls (TBO). If they fly at least 40 hours a month, that figure is doubled to 400 hours.

The new published TBOs are effective immediately. Engines with serial numbers 1006000 and higher are included in the increase. Continental president Rhett Ross attributes the increase to improved manufacturing processes that allow finer tolerances, resulting in demonstrably less wear and tear on internal engine parts.

He said, “We are pleased to offer increased TBOs at no increase in price.”

For more information, go to or call Continental customer service at 800-326-0089.