Global 5000 Adds Fuel and Range


Bombardier has increased the max takeoff weight of its large cabin Global 5000 business jet to 92,500 pounds, allowing it to carry more fuel. The added fuel increases the IFR range 400 nm to 5,200 nm when cruising at a fast Mach .85 (488 kts), a range increase of 8 percent.

The extra fuel is standard on Globals ordered after February 1st of this year and is an option on airplanes previously ordered but scheduled for delivery in 2009.

Though the range increase comes at Mach .85 cruise speed, the Global 5000 is capable of maximum cruise speed of Mach .89, fastest in the large cabin business jet category. The Global cabin is the largest conventional business jet now available, and it will soon have the Global Vision avionics system based on the new Collins Pro Line Fusion family of avionics.