Garmin Announces Part 25 G5000

On the first day of NBAA, Garmin International officially announced its long-awaited Part 25 program with the launch of its G5000 integrated flight deck. The system makes use of a scalable set of displays controlled by a scalable number of touchscreen controllers. Launch customer was Cessna, with its newly upgraded Citation Ten, but Garmin told Flying that it had already had four customers for the G5000 suite. Garmin VP of sales Gary Kelley told Flying that the experience the company had with certifying high-end Part 23 systems for the Citation Mustang and the Embraer Phenom 300 were great experience in getting Garmin ready for the more stringent Part 25 regulations and that customer concerns about the suitability of Garmin as an avionics solution in bizjets appear to be evaporating. The Phenom 300 in particular, Kelley said, while challenging was a particularly useful experience, as the airplane is certified under Class 4 of Part 23, the most stringent set of regs short of Part 25.