French Military Buys Cirrus Singles

Air Force and Navy choose mix of SR22 and SR20 trainers.

Cirrus SR22 big

Cirrus SR22 big

Cirrus SR22

The French military is buying a fleet of nearly two-dozen Cirrus SR20s and SR22s to be used primarily by the Air Force and Navy for initial pilot training.

A fleet of 13 Cirrus SR20s will be used for training at the French air force base of Salon de Provence in the south of France. An additional fleet of seven Cirrus SR22s will be dedicated to training flights of navigating officers arm systems (NOSA) and liaison flights, in particular to accompany the French Air Force’s aerobatic team. Another fleet of three Cirrus SR20s will go to the Ecole Navale at the naval air station of Lanvéoc Poulmic.

Cassidian Aviation Training Services (CATS), a private company that contracts with the French military, will be in charge of maintenance and airworthiness of all fleets.

Each aircraft delivered to the French Air Force will be equipped with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), airbag seatbelts and Cirrus Perspective by Garmin avionics, UHF radios and G-meters.

The first SR20 was delivered in Salon de Provence on Aug. 9. The first SR22 will be delivered next month. Deliveries will continue through the end of the year.