Frasca Moving into Level-D Simulator Market

CJ1+ sim is first ultra-high-fidelity product.

Cessna CJ1+ Panel

Cessna CJ1+ Panel

Cessna CJ1+ panel

Frasca International is taking a big step forward by entering the level-D simulator market. The Urbana, Illinois, company has produced FAA-approved level-B and -C simulators for the past decade, primarily for Beech King Airs, Embraer Phenoms and the Cessna Citation Mustang. Now the sim maker is moving up market with its first level-D project based on the Cessna CJ1+.

Frasca’s level-C simulators are high fidelity and include full motion systems, but the level-D simulator will require an even higher level of sophistication and testing. Pilots who train in level-D simulators can fly the real airplane without ever gaining any actual time in the aircraft beforehand.

Nanshan International Flight Academy has ordered Frasca’s first CJ1+ level-D full-flight simulator for use at its flight academy in Longkou, China. The sim will include Frasca’s Graphical Instructor Station (GISt), Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics, a 60-inch-stroke Moog electric motion system and an RSI XT Series visual system.

During its 50-plus years in business, Frasca has designed, manufactured, delivered and supported more than 2,500 simulators installed in over 70 countries.