First Customer Phenom 100 Shows Its Colors


Delivered to its owners last December 24, the first customer Embraer Phenom 100 light jet recently visited Embraer's Florida facility to show off its new paint scheme. Owners James and Betsy Frost of Houston accepted the airplane on Christmas Eve at Embraer's Sao Jose dos Campos factory in Brazil, but the paint job wasn't completed until recently. The Frosts use their new jet in their business dealings-Betsy managing real estate and mineral holdings and James as a manager of new business projects. Both the Frosts will share the left seat duties. James has been a pilot since age 16. Betsy holds a CFI rating and has been flying for 15 years. She said, "I had the most fun in years while flying it during training in Texas." James said, "The Phenom 100 completes our normal mission using less fuel and in much less time than the turboprop it is replacing. We are looking forward to realizing the benefits of the advanced digital design of the aircraft in lower maintenance costs and less down time."