Fifi’s Future in Question

CAF is looking for donations to keep the historic Superfortress flying.

Fifi B-29

Fifi B-29

You may have been fortunate enough to see Fifi, the only B-29 that is still in flying condition, circling the skies at an airshow in the past few years. During Fifi's last show of the year in Midland, Texas, about a month ago, the number two engine failed. The B-29 Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF), which has been caring for the historic bomber since the 1970s, is hoping the Midland show was not Fifi's last.

The Superfortress, which is based in Addison, Texas, has become a staple at the annual EAA Airventure and has been on display at shows and taken aviation enthusiasts for rides all over the country. But keeping the Superfortress in the air is becoming extremely expensive. A staggering $10,000 and 100 volunteer hours are required for each flight hour to keep the historic airplane up to par, according to the CAF.

The engine that failed is now in need of major repair, an undertaking that will require additional funding. The CAF estimates the cost of the repairs for the ailing engine and the purchase of a spare at around $250,000. The organization is requesting donations to keep Fifi flying.

“We need your help, each one doing a little bit, to continue to spread the message,” said Neils Agather, commander of the B29 squadron.