FAA Joins Spain's AESA on Biofuel Research

Cooperation to develop alternative aviation fuels.

Jet Refueling

Jet Refueling

Yesterday, the FAA signed a declaration of cooperation with the Spanish Aviation and Security Agency (AESA) to help develop sustainable alternative aviation fuels in the two countries.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of Transportation John Porcari attended the signing and said, “Spain…has an ambitious and innovative alternative jet fuels R&D program, the involvement of all the key stakeholders, and the agricultural resources to support aviation biofuel production. This declaration of cooperation will enable us to better share and exchange ideas and best practices to attain our goals.”

Areas of cooperation include sharing research data; publications; funded research and development activities. The FAA Office of Environment and Energy sees the pact as a way to further explore the life-cycle effects of alternative fuel emissions on the atmosphere and lower the cost of producing such alternative fuels.