Endeavour Lands in L.A.

The space shuttle completes its final aerial journey to Southern California.

Space Shuttle Endeavour

Space Shuttle Endeavour

** Space Shuttle Endeavour atop a modified
Boeing 747**

Midday on Friday, the space shuttle Endeavour landed atop NASA 905, a Boeing 747, at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) after an extensive tour of California. The shuttle ferry flight departed Edwards Air Force Base and flew to San Francisco, where it buzzed the Golden Gate Bridge before heading down the coast to Los Angeles.

Endeavour wowed people around the city, many watching from atop high-rise buildings, as the shuttle and its host airplane snaked past several pre-published landmarks, such as the Getty Center, Griffith Park Observatory and the L.A. downtown area. Two NASA F/A-18 fighters shadowed the shuttle flight in tight formation. Pilots Jeff Moultrie and Bill Rieke concluded the journey with a stellar landing at LAX, an important feat since the total weight of the shuttle/747 combination is a staggering 475,000 pounds.

The shuttle will now be removed from its perch, after which it will travel through the streets of Los Angeles to its final destination -- the California Science Center -- just south of downtown. Under some controversy, several trees have been removed to clear the path for the shuttle. According to the California Science Center website, Endeavour will be on public display after Oct. 30th.