Eclipse Contacts Owners on Updated Throttle AD

The FAA issued a new AD on the Eclipse 500 throttle quadrant, clarifying compliance procedures. The new AD supersedes the emergency AD issued June 12 following an incident in which an Eclipse pilot pushed the throttle levers through the stops, and the engines stuck at full power. Eclipse has issued a service bulletin advising owners how to comply with the updated AD. Under the previous AD, operators were required to test the throttle quadrants for obvious friction. The new AD is more comprehensive, and those who had completed the original tests will have up to 60 days to comply with its remaining elements. Those who had not completed the tests outlined in the June 12 AD will have 30 days to comply with the new one. Eclipse says it is working on a software amendment to preclude any such uncommanded throttle input, and expects the software upgrade to be available early in the last quarter of this year.