EASA Gives Nod to Diamond's Austro E4 Turbodiesel Engine

Following four years of development, Diamond Aircraft Industries has received type certification for its Austro E4 turbodiesel aircraft engine from the European authorities. Demand for the new engine accelerated with the insolvency of Thielert Engines, sole provider of powerplants for Diamond's DA42 Twin Star twin-engine aircraft. When Thielert engines-and parts-became unavailable from that company, many owners of Twin Stars were left with no alternative but to ground their airplanes. That led Diamond to accelerate plans to bring its own alternative diesel to market. Christian Dries, CEO of Diamond Aircraft, said, "The complete program developed into one that was significantly more complex than originally anticipated." The European certification process cost about $64 million, said Dries. According to Diamond, it now has 27 DA42 NGs on the production line with Austro engines, designated AE 300. It expects type certification for the re-engined twin "imminently" with Austro-powered versions of its DA40 and DA50 singles to follow. Diamond told owners of Thielert-powered DA42s that "a retrofit solution to convert to AE 300 power will be developed and offered."