Dassault Making Room in Little Rock for Newest Falcons

Company breaks ground on completion center.

Dassault LIT Groundbreaking

Dassault LIT Groundbreaking

Executives from Dassault put their shovels in the dirt this week at the facility in Little Rock, Arkansas, breaking ground on a new completion center for the Falcon 5X and Falcon 8X, two business jets currently in development that the French company introduced within the past year. The new center is expected to cost $60 million and will encompass 250,000 square feet, bringing the total footprint for the Dassault facility in Little Rock up to 1.25 million square feet.

"This undertaking demonstrates a commitment to continue our investment in Little Rock and to ensure the facility will remain at the forefront of completion technology," said Eric Trappier, Dassault Aviation's Chairman and CEO. "Little Rock is not only the company's largest industrial plant, it is also an industry leader in digital completion techniques, which Dassault pioneered."

Dassault has been assembling Falcon jets in Little Rock for more than 40 years. The new completion center is expected to be complete by early 2016 in time to accommodate the first 5X and 8X deliveries.

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