Clearance to Taxi Is Now More Complex

For the past week, pilots and ground controllers have been getting used to the new rules on runway crossing clearances. The short story is that pilots may not now cross a runway without "explicit instructions" from the ground controller. No more "Taxi to" [the takeoff runway] clearances are permitted. And the rules apply to all runways, including those that are inactive or even closed. And if there are multiple runways between you and your takeoff runway, you need clearance to cross each one; one at a time. The easy mantra is: Never enter a runway (or cross any hold line) unless you have been:

Instructed to cross that specific runway; cleared to take off from that runway; or instructed to position and hold on that specific runway. If you have any doubt, ask the controller before proceeding. The changes will be published in the next edition of the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM). In the meantime, more information is available online at