Cirrus Announces New Turbo Model; and Buyer Incentives

Cirrus SR22TCirrus Design

Cirrus used its eighth annual owners' meeting to make a few announcements, starting with a new model, the SR22T. The latest Cirrus offers the twin-turbocharged Continental TSIO-550-K engine from Teledyne Continental Motors. The new engine availability stems from a partnership between TCM and Cirrus, and the -K version of the engine is not available on any other production aircraft. Cirrus executive vice president Pat Waddick said, "In addition to quieter operation, lower weight, a smoother ride and many other refinements, the new SR22T offers Cirrus customers a high performance, twin turbo-charged option with the additional benefit of greater future fuel flexibility." The last part is a reference to the coming challenge of finding a replacement for 100-octane leaded aviation fuel, particularly in the area of high-power piston engines such as Continental's 550-series that powers the Cirrus SR22 line. Besides the new engine, other improvements in the SR22T include a lighter nose gear, improved cooling and an upgraded environmental control system capable of as much as 50 degrees (F) more cabin heat at all attitudes. The TSIO-550-K engine is backed by a TCM factory warranty, and Cirrus claims improved takeoff and climb performance as well as reduced noise levels, higher useful load and improved deceleration flexibility. Cirrus continues to offer its SR22 Turbo model, incorporating the twin turbo-normalized Tornado Alley Supplemental Type Certificate. Base price of the new SR22T is $475,000 — $525,900 "well equipped." For more details, go to