Cage match: Cessna Cabin Class Twins versus the Piper Matrix, by Robert Goyer

Readers take the Matrix to task for not being what it's not supposed to be.

When I wrote my flight report/review of the new Piper Matrix, I knew I would be in for some grief. Moreover--unlike in real life--this time I knew precisely what form that grief would take.

The biggest complaint would be that the Matrix was an unblown Mirage. This is largely true, but it's funny how people are offended when features are subtracted and the price is lowered when they're not phased at all by features being added and the price ballooning. Would I prefer a Mirage over a Matrix? Sure, if I could afford it, but even then not if I couldn't buy insurance for it. I pretty much dismissed those complaints. I mean what can you say when people are offended by what a product isn't? It's like saying that Diet Coke is a scam because for the same price you can buy Coke and get the sugar included. People have different wants and needs. I say, let the market decide, which is what Piper is doing, and the market seems to be saying, "good call."

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