Business Aviation Safety Report Shows Ups and Downs

GA safety reports both good and bad news.

There’s good news and bad news about general aviation safety. An analysis by Robert E. Breiling & Associates notes that last year there were a total of 19 business jet accidents, including five fatal accidents that killed a total of 21. This represents an increase of five accidents compared with the 14 in 2011, when no one died in a business jet crash. Last year, nine of the 19 accidents — and three of the five fatal accidents — involved on-demand operations.

Company founder Bob Breiling reports that last year was the fourth in a row in which there were no fatal accidents in which the crew was employed full-time.

Among turboprops, there were 29 accidents last year involving U.S.-registered aircraft, seven of which were fatal with 15 victims. That compares favorably with 2011, when there were 43 accidents, 13 fatal accidents and 32 deaths.

Of the accidents recorded over the last five years, Breiling notes that more than 40 percent involved the landing phase — more than 50 percent when considering jets flown by professional crews.