Beisswenger Wins 2011 Bax Seat Trophy

Radio host receives award for his extensive sport pilot coverage.

Bax Big

Bax Big

Senior Editor Pia Bergqvist with Ron Beisswenger

Roy Beisswenger has been awarded Flying magazine's 2011 Bax Seat Trophy. The trophy is awarded annually to an EAA member in honor of Flying magazine's long-time columnist Gordon Baxter. Beisswenger was selected for his extensive grassroots aviation coverage, particularly in his weekly Powered Sport Flying Radio Show – a two-hour long show in which he interviews representatives from the sport aviation industry.

Beisswenger is also the editor of Powered Sport Flying Magazine. His articles have been published in many sport-flying magazines domestically and internationally for many years. He is a flight instructor, designated pilot examiner and light-sport aircraft repairman and instructor for powered parachutes. He owns and operates the Easy Flight powered parachute flight-training facility in Greenville, Illinois.