Avidyne’s DFC100 Autopilot Certified for Cirrus

New Capabilities for Legacy Cirrus Airplanes: Full integration Reduces Pilot Workload and Enhances Safety

Avidyne DFC100Avidyne

Avidyne has achieved TSO and STC certification for its DFC100 digital flight control system designed for use with the Entegra Release 9 integrated flight deck system available in Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft. This new integration may give the popular Garmin Perspective a run for its money. In addition to the flight director, altitude hold, airspeed hold, vertical speed hold, vertical navigation, heading and navigation features that are standard for most integrated autopilots, the DFC100 includes several technologically advanced elements that increase safety. Full-time envelope alerting provides audible signals for abnormal speed or attitude, even with the DFC100 inactive. The flap switch position alters these alerts for improved slow speed protection. Should the aircraft be in an unstable state, a simple push of the "straight and level" button brings the aircraft to zero pitch and roll. Current R9 FMSVectors extends to the DFC100, enabling automatic transition from a selected heading to an instrument procedure or NAV leg. And the system's enhanced mode selection logic provides one button vertical and lateral mode engagement for reduced pilot workload. The fully digital ADAHRS reduces overshoots, oscillations and porpoising for a very smooth ride.