ARG/US: Flight Activity Way Up in March

Business aircraft of all kinds are flying more.



Cessna Citation XLS+
(photo courtesy of Cessna Aircraft)

Aircraft flight data resource ARG/US has released flight activity results for March and the news couldn’t be much better. Activity in nearly every sector is up, some by as much as almost 20 percent over the same period last year. Overall, business aircraft flight activity for the month was up 17.2 percent compared with the previous month. Even though March of 2010 was a busy month relatively speaking, activity year to year increased measurably as well, with an overall 4.7 percent increase.

Large cabin jets showed the biggest gain with an increase of 9.4 percent in flight hours compared with the previous year. Turboprops represented the biggest month-to-month gain, with an increase of activity of 19.5 percent, which was only slightly higher than the figure for small jets, 18.2 percent, showing that activity in all business sectors is picking up steam.