All Nippon Airways Buys Pan Am International Flight Academy

Deal expands Pan Am footprint in Asia.

Pan Am HQ

Pan Am HQ

** Pan Am’s Miami Facility**

Pan Am International Flight Academy, the last remaining vestige of the original Pan American World Airways, is now a subsidiary of All Nippon Airways after the Japanese airline bought the training provider for $139.5 million.

The companies said the deal forges “a strong partnership” to meet increasing demand for pilot training worldwide. Pan Am is one of the world’s largest independent flight simulation and aviation training providers with the second largest number of simulators used for airline training. It will retain the Pan Am name, the companies said.

All Nippon plans to expand Pan Am into Asia by providing training for its own airline group as well as other Asian carriers. With air travel expected to double within the next 30 years, and much of the growth occurring in Asia, the All Nippon said it is poised to create an additional lucrative source of revenue.

Pan Am International Flight Academy, headquartered in Miami, served as the original in-house training division of Pan Am World Airways. Today the company provides flight simulation and training on all leading airliner types, operating nine training facilities in the United States and abroad and offering more than 200 aviation training programs, including ab initio training in Florida.

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